Are Brother laser printers any good?

Are you planning to buy a laser printer? There are different types of laser printers out there in the market. They are often classed based on the dpi (dots per inch) value which range from 300 to 2,400. For a better quality of the image, a higher dpi will do the job. Some come as an all-in-one model which lets you copy, scan, fax, and print using the same device. When you browse through them, you will see many different brand names. One such popular brand is Brother. But many people wonder whether Brother laser printers are good. Keep reading to find out.

Perks of Brother laser printer

In online, you can see mixed reviews about this brand’s model. Many love it, and some have trouble with it. Yes, you need to put a little more extra work in the Brother laser printers. But the model can make up to you by reducing the maintenance costs in the long run. The printing speed is quite high, but they may take an extra few seconds to get warmed up and reach their maximum speed.

Laser Printers

The best thing about Brother laser printers is their toners. The replacement for the toners is cheaper than their contemporaries. And with a single toner, you can print like more than 7,000 pages!

The initial cost may seem pricey. But the truth is that the Brother laser printers are cheap because they are a one-time investment. So, what you are paying for lasts for several years which is a huge advantage.

Other features that are present in Brother laser printers are given below.

Automatic duplexed print

Duplexing or duplex printing is the process where printers produce double-sided prints. To look professional, double-sided printed documents are a huge help. Also, they can help you save money on copier paper. Just select the print on both sides option to use this feature.

Paper handling

It is one of the most appealing qualities of Brother laser printers. Paper handling involves efficiency, consistency, and smoothness with which the laser printer handles the paper from the loading tray to the final print. To put it simply, this is about the inner workings of the laser printer unit. You have very few paper jams if the printer’s paper handling is good.

Image quality

The quality provided by the laser printers is what made them different from the inkjet printers. With recent advancements in science and technology, laser printers can give the same type of quality as the inkjet type. And Brother laser printers are famous for that.

The bottom line

There is no doubt that Brother laser printers cannot disappoint you because of their high-quality printing. Initially, investing in a beautiful laser printer might seem pricey to you. But if you calculate the number of years it will work for you, you will feel it’s cheap, and you got more than what you paid for.

Brother laser printers can save your money and time while giving you the best results.

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