Belgian Waffle Maker Vs. Regular – What’s a difference?

What else could be more delightful than having a sight of waffle served on the dining table as your breakfast? We know nothing compares to the satisfaction that one gets after having a delicious sweet meal like waffles. Whether you have kids or grown-ups in your family, it does not matter much. No one on this creation can say no to waffles! Some diet conscious people wait for a whole week to fulfill their sweet tooth desires at the weekend. Imagine rewarding yourself with a double crust waffle with extra toppings, Ummm slurpy!

If you are a health-conscious person, you would surely want to know the difference between a Belgian waffle maker and a regular waffle. Making a waffle from whole wheat and cornmeal will add different amounts of calories to your body. Some people prefer very authentic and peculiar taste; you might have seen them refusing other sweet dishes for chocolate loaded waffles. However, the topmost essential thing require to make a waffle is a waffle maker. Sometimes people buy obverse waffle makers due to lack of proper information on waffle makers. The Belgian and regular waffles are the two most popular waffles.

Belgian waffle maker Vs. Regular waffle maker

Here are some pointers on the topic- Belgian waffle maker Vs. Regular waffle maker: what’s a difference?

  • Depth of the waffle maker:

Depth of waffle maker is an important consideration. Some people prefer a thicker and crusty waffle, while others like plain and light ones. It completely relies on your personal choice. However, you must know this fact that the Belgian waffle makers are deeper than the regular ones. Want to know why? Hop on to the next few points to learn more about it.

  • Measurements of the waffle maker:

Apart from having varieties in the depth of the waffle makers, there is also a difference in their measurement. Some waffle makers are large, while some are shorter. You can identify it by looking at the size of the waffle. Belgian waffles are usually larger than the regular ones, and so are the waffle makers.

  • Ingredients that it accommodates

The composition of different kinds of waffles varies. That is the reason why you get a peculiar sort of taste from every different waffle. A Belgian waffle maker is usually deeper to accommodate ingredients like yeast. Yeast is the most significant ingredient of the Belgian waffle that helps the batter to rise. This attribute is absent in the regular waffle.

  • Which one contains deeper pockets?

The Belgian waffle has deeper pockets because of two reasons. Firstly, the fact that it is made from yeast, so it acquires a fuller size. Secondly, the Belgian waffle contains more toppings like honey and cherries over it. The deeper pockets help to hold all the toppings.

  • Is there any cost difference?

There lies a significant cost difference between both these waffles. A Belgian waffle requires more time to be baked as compared to the regular one. That is the reason behind its more enhanced lip-smacking taste. On the other hand, the regular waffle requires less ingredients and time to bake. Therefore, the price of the waffle maker is also set according to its functionality. The Belgian waffle makers are bigger and costlier than the regular waffle makers.

That was all about the difference between a Belgian and a regular waffle maker. We hope this makes it easier for you to select your favorite one!

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