Camtech Reviews : The Most Trusted Valve Manufacturing Group in Dubai

Camtech Manufacturing is delighted and feels proud to be one of the valuable API certified valve manufacturers based mainly in the Middle East has gradually spread its branches even in North African regions. The business provides high-quality products combined with superlative customer service to both its valued clients and consumers all across the globe.

Since the inception of the industrial unit in the year 1999, Camtech has demonstrated its capabilities as a manufacturing company of super sophisticated and virtually zero-leakage technology adopted for valve manufacturing.

We are also proud to cite our quality management systems and technologists and equipment in line with the existing industrial specifications and standards, such as API Q1, API 600, API 6A, API 6D, 2014/34/EU, CE PED 2014/68/EU, TR-CU, SIL 3, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 for unparalleled value addition.

Camtech Manufacturing Koda

Take a glimpse at our high-end output passing through the stringent quality tests that allowed us to reach the apex stature as one of the best manufacturers of valves worldwide.

Gate valves

Manufacturing of gate valves from Camtech has been recognized as an extremely heavy-duty component in various versions, including external screw and yoke, rising stern and non-rising type of handwheel, bolted bonnet etc.  The state-of-the-art comprehensive bore layout allows for reduced friction, agitation and erosion when applied. Depending on their size each of these valves can be controlled by gear hand or wheel.

Floating ball valve

Floating ball vales produced in our factory are built and designed with the most innovative sealing technology, and it further made these valves projected as strong and robust even under the most detrimental operational conditions. Each of the valves is fireproof, following API 607 and some scholarly Camtech group reviews by our customers further solidify our claims on the same belief and trust.

Plug valves

The unique pressure-balanced lubricated plug valves from Camtech are truly compatible with the construction business, without needing much maintenance. These valves offer high functionality even in a condition of continuous pulsation or around high static pressure.

Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves constitute some amazing functionality and hassle-free performance without heavy regular maintenance.  Each of these valves undergoes a rigorous check to ensure virtual zero leakage, and it also contains a bi-directional element. Besides, its distinct seat design can quickly achieve low torque that further enables all industrial processes in perfect cohesion.

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

CAMTECH Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve is the preferred choice of ball valve in higher sizes and pressure ratings, and is used in pipelines and critical process applications. The valves have advanced design features such as a built-in cavity relief mechanism, Anti-static, and intrinsic double block and bleed facility.

Therefore, we can claim with conviction that each of Camtech’s in-house valves brings unrivalled quality and outstanding output to ideally match any industrial needs lurking around. Any of the impressive Camtech feedback we receive from our valued customers and clients is the outcome of our unbeatable product attributes and uncompromising customer service.

Furthermore, we are proud to announce that Camtech is delivering the highly advanced and reliable valve manufacturing systems worldwide employing our high-end CNC machines and equipment backed by crew of professional and round the clock manpower to take care of any unforeseen event.

Here is where Camtech manufacturing is effectively reaping the dividends and at the same time reaching an annual production capacity of over 80,000 inches of valves. While doing so, we have always made certain to offer the highest quality products and services to any company or individual consumer around.

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