Can I Teach Myself Guitar?

The Guitar is a plucking instrument with strings to produce music. It was invented in the 15th century by the Malaga people. The electric guitars were introduced in the 1930s. It is one of the most widely used musical instruments to produce folk, jazz, blues, rock, pop, metal etc. Learning to play the Guitar is no big deal. Let us discuss the steps in detail.

  • Buy a guitar

The first important step in learning is to buy a guitar. The best option is to buy a guitar in a shop/store rather than online shopping.

Set the budget for buying the Guitar. As the Guitar is used for learning purposes better go for the high-quality instrument.


Choose between an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. Get the required accessories as per the choice.

  • Study the Guitar

After getting the Guitar, the foremost aspect is to know about chords. Get to know about it.Some of the easiest chords are C, G, D etc. Play songs like the shape of you or any folk song that uses D and G.When the guitar is initially played, it may seem odd. Get the guitar tuned properly by playing it again and again.

  • Online classes

After learning some basic chords, the next step is to learn the professional playing tactics.Start with any online guitar class on YouTube or websites like,,, or These are some of the most commonly preferred online courses to learn Guitar.The best advantage in enrolling and learning these online classes is to get used with Guitar and gain confidence.

  • Practice and practice again

The only way to master any course is to practice it constantly. Spend quality time with the Guitar to get into a deep relationship with it.The steps mentioned above can help in structuring the learning process. But, there are always some tips and tactics to master any course. Such techniques are mentioned below.

« Structured learning

It is very important because while using an online platform, it may end up leaving us in various videos and lessons that are not complete enough to teach Guitar completely.

« Try to learn with a song

Trying to learn a guitar with our favourite song is an excellent idea because it encourages you to play well and learn properly.

« Constant practice

Practising the Guitar for at least one to one and a half hours a day will help in mastering it.

« Changing chords

The most challenging part of learning the Guitar is changing the chords while playing. Initially, it may seem to be difficult, but with constant practice, it will become a piece of cake.

« Start with small lessons

As soon as starting the learning process, the biggest mistake is to practice difficult and advanced lessons. Start with the easiest ones and then move on the next levels.

« Two building blocks

The major building blocks required for playing the Guitar perfectly is to master the chords and the strumming pattern properly.


Learning a guitar by the individual is possible only with constant practice. Learn as much as possible from everyone and everything.

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