Different Types of Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets can be a lifesaver. However, it is essential that you choose the right one for yourself. And by  the right choice, we don’t mean the fit or brand, we are actually talking about the different types of motorcycle helmets that you can buy today. IF you are also finding it hard to choose a better fit and want to know more about the different helmet types you can opt for, this article will be a great read for you. So, stay with us until the end fo the article and know more about the different motorcycle helmet types in detail.

The motorcycle helmets can be broadly classified into four categories according to their design and coverage. So, have a look at them and then choose the most suitable one according to your driving needs.


  • Full Face Motorcycle helmet

The first motorcycle helmet on our list is one of the of the must popular and widely used one, the full face helmet.The full face helmet is an ideal choice for those users who are looking for a perfect protection and don’t want to compromise with anything. The helmet completely covers the face and has a better safety for chin too.

To make things clearly visible, the full face Motorcycle helmet has a visor on the front that is made of highly durable and clear plastic. This not only helps the users to clearly see the road, but also keeps them safe from the dust and hot weather.

The modern full face motorcycle helmets have special design hacks that make the ventillaion possible that was one a major issue with the full face helmets.

  • Modular Motorcycle helmet

The second motorcycle helmet on our list is the modular or flipup helmets. The flip up helmets look almost similar to the full-face helmet, instead you can move the front part of the helmet to make them look more like the open face face helmets. The modular Motorcycle helmets are great for those users who are looking for a more use able and easy to carry helmet with a better ventilation system. These helmets are great for both casl riders as well as the hardcore bikers as they combine safety and usability better than any other kind of motorcycle helmet.

  • Open face Motorcycle helmet

Open face motorcycle helmet is a great choice for the buyers who are having a slower motorcycle. Also, the open face motorcycle helmet fit perfectly for the pillion rider. The open face motorcycle helmet doesn’t covers the face but provides a great safety to the head and neck. The perfect design makes it one of the popular choices for the female riders. lIke the full face helmets, you won’t have to worry about the ventilation while choosing the open face motorcycle helmet.

  • Off-road Motorcycle helmet

The last one on our list is the off-road motorcycle helmet. The off-road helmets look ore of a full-face helmet but have more aggressive and streamlined designed with a smaller visor and better support to head. These helmets are more sturdy than the other types of helmets and offer better safety on the off road adventures.

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