Hardwood Flooring Tips From a Pro

Nowadays most people prefer hardwood flooring for their floors, as they are strong and durable and provide better air quality. Such a hardwood floor requires low maintenance and is easy to clean. This flooring adds décor to your home and also lasts longer. Here we will discuss some hardwood flooring tips from an expert.

Measure the room:

For hardwood flooring, the first step is to measure the width and length of the room and get the room’s square footage. While buying the hardwood, always buy the hardwood material 10-15% greater than the number you got by measuring the floor.

Preparing for Hardwood Floor Installation:

You need to remove all the furniture present in the room for flooring and remove the carpets by cutting them into 36-inch strips for easy disposal. Then clean the floor surface properly to make it ready for installation. Now you can install the 2-inch deck screws into the subfloor followed by floor joists installation for every 24 inches. This will help to eliminate flooring squeaks.

Flooring Moisture Content:

Hardwood flooring requires some acclimate so that the floor will get adjust to different temperatures and humidity. When you install the hardwood flooring without acclimating the floor, then gaps and buckling may happen. You should know the moisture content of your wood planks at the time of delivery and the moisture content in your room. Use a moisture meter to check the moisture content.

Layout the Room:

The installation of the hardwood flooring should be done on the properly structured subfloors. Here you need to find out the direction of floor joists so that you can plan plank flooring perpendicular to joists.  Now, install the 15-pound Kraft paper on the overall floor, which acts as a vapor barrier. After this installation, hardwood flooring installation occurs.


Face-Nailing & Blind-Nailing:

Initially, use a pneumatic finish nailer and drill a hole through the plank floor. Such a drill goes through the plank, subfloor, and joist using 8 penny hand nails. At every joist in the first row, you need to face nail the boards. Since the pneumatic floor nailer doesn’t fit properly against the wall, you need to face nail the first row. For the next two rows, you need to do blind nailing with 8-penny hand nails.

Buy the right tools:

After installing the boards, you need to lay out several planks for seeing the lengths, colors of the boards. Match the boards from different-colored boards, so that you can make the floor installation easily.  To carry out the hardwood flooring, you require minimum tools such as a miter saw, compressor, cleat nailer, table saw, chalk line, nail set, tape, etc.

Care & Maintenance:

As hardwood flooring is easy to maintain and clean, it is good to prefer this type of flooring. But you need to take care of your floor from certain dangers. Water is the biggest enemy so you need to use a good hardwood floor mop to clean up spills. Sunlight is another enemy that affects the color of your hardwood. So you can use blinds or curtains to limit sunlight exposure.

These are some essential tips that you require when you install hardwood flooring in your room.

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