How do I choose the right ceiling fan?

Several brands sell ceiling fans. They have different models and options as well. The variables and options make the process of choosing a ceiling fan for your home or office space a bit daunting.  Determining the ceiling fan that you should be buying depends on considering several factors.

The factors to consider

The factors that you should consider when you are buying a ceiling fan include

Choosing the right fan size– This is important to reap the expected air delivery. The general rule is that a fan size of 29” is essential to air a room that is about 50Sq ft. However, for a room that is about 400sq,.ft you need a 56” ceiling fan to keep it cool and comfortable. In the case of larger rooms or rooms with a different shape, you might consider two smaller fans o take care of the ventilation. Also, the size of the fan you should go in for depends on the hanging height of the fan. You would have to go in for fans that hug the ceiling in case of a low ceiling and go in for fans with long down rods for spaces with high ceiling.

 Understanding the importance of CFM– CFM is the short form for cubic feet per minute. A higher CFM indicates the efficient performance of the fan. A CFM/w of 75 is the minimum measure to consider the fan to be efficient. You can get to know about the CFM rating of the fan by having a look at the graphics on the packaging box of the ceiling fan, brochures, and catalogs. The best measure however is CFM over 6,000.

 Motor– The motor in the ceiling fan does the job of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. Ceiling Fans that feature DC motors generate additional torque of about 70% while consuming less power.  The DC motor would also ensure that the ceiling fans would operate silently, result in the making of lighter fans, faster startup speeds, thepossibility for 6-speed adjustments. Choosing a DC motor ceiling fan would help you go in for budget-friendly fans that help save energy costs as well.

Ceiling fan blades– The length of the blades, the number of blades as well as the tilt or blade pitch influences the efficient performance of the fan. You have fans with 2 blades to 9 blade options. While 3, 4 blades ceiling fans are the generally sought after models. However, two-blade or nine-blade versions could be used if the situation calls for this type of ceiling fan.  Similarly, you have blades made of MDF, plastic, metal, or wood. While metal and MDF blades are considered to be effective, the wooden blades might be less-effective in performance but would score high on aesthetics.

Last but not least, you have ceiling fans loaded with features like remote control, light, decorative works, etc. This could ease the operations as well as enhance the aesthetic appeal of the ceiling fans and complement the décor of your room. You may choose the right ceiling fan after considering these factors or you may reach out to experts to guide you through the process of buying the right size of ceiling fan for your home.

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