How to Avoid Socks Smell

Everything begins with shoes if you want to get rid of smelly socks. Your feet’s skin cannot breathe when both socks and shoes enclose it. In that case, your feet tend to sweat more. This damp area is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

To avoid that stinking smell from your socks, you need to have both your feet and shoes odour-free.

To avoid smelly socks, below are some steps you can follow to ensure that your feet have a pleasant smell.

Avoid Socks Smell

1st step

Each evening, try to allow air into the shoes. You can also pull out the tongue and loosen the laces. This helps to remove the trapped moisture and odours inside your shoes.

2nd step

To neutralize the existing odours, try to sprinkle some baking soda inside the shoes. You can also keep a little cloth bag containing activated charcoal inside the shoes.

3rd step

Make sure to change the socks you use daily. Socks can start smelling bad if you wear them for too long without washing them. The odour issues can also be reduced if you allow your feet for aeration.

4th step

Make sure to wash your socks with good laundry detergent in hot water. Dry the socks completely before you wear them. This is because damp socks can easily help to develop a bad smell.

5th step

Try using a scented fabric softener when you dry the socks. The scents can act as a camouflage to hide minor bad odours.

Other things you can try

Soaking your feet

There is a difference between rinsing your feet in a shower and thoroughly cleaning your feet. Try using salt or vinegar soaks. They can pull out the moisture and make you skin inhospitable for bacteria to live. Just make sure your feet don’t have scratches, cuts, or open sores.

Dry your feet

No matter what method you prefer to use to dry your feet, make sure, it’s completely dry. Bad smell can come from moisture only, so it’s mandatory to keep your shoes, socks, and feet absolutely dry as possible. If your feet get easily sweaty, try to change the socks.

Go for natural materials like cotton when you choose socks. Synthetic materials like plastic or nylon can trap the moisture.

Sanitize your shoes

A general disinfectant spray is capable of removing the bad smell from the shoes. Spray the disinfectant on the insoles of the shoes and allow it to dry for 24 hours.

Apply powder

There are foot antiperspirants that you can apply to your feet if you notice it sweating. You can also try home remedies like sprinkling cornstarch into the shoe to keep your feet dry.

Alternatively, even a regular underarm antiperspirant can be effective to control the moisture.

The bottom line

A smelly sock is a common problem everybody faces daily. But with the right routine to take care of your feet, socks, and shoes, the job can be an easy one.

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