How to Use a Bandsaw Properly

Bandsaws are very popular in the world of woodcutting. From precision cutting to re-sawing, band saws are useful. Also, it is very simple to use this tool for cutting the wood. But if you purchased a bandsaw for the first time, then you may feel hard to use this tool. Here is a guide to help you to use a band saw properly.

Setting Up a Band Saw

In the first step, you will need to set up the blade of the saw. You will need to consider your project type and use the appropriate blade to perform your task. Select the correct width of the blade as per your project needs. For example, you can use a wider blade for re-sawing and a smaller blade for intricate cuts. After selecting the right blade, you can place it into the wheel mechanism of the saw, starting from bottom to top. Adjust the blade to the middle of the wheel by using the tracking knob.

After that, you will need to make tensioning of the blade. Although it is a tricky job, you can do it by following the instructions of the manufacturer. Usually, the amount of tension that needs to apply depends on the width of the blade.

Band Saw

Make the Measurements Accurately

Before cutting a piece of wood, you will need to measure and mark it properly to ensure accuracy. Measure the wood twice if required, and then cut it to ensure the measurements and cuts are accurate. For marking, you can use a pencil but make sure it is sharp.

Set the Speed

Many latest band saws come with multiple speed settings,so you need to set the correct speed for your cut. For cutting metal material, you need to set a slower speed, and for cutting wood, you need to run it at a little higher speed. Usually, 2000 to 3000 FPM is safe to use.

Using the Band Saw for Cutting Straight Line

For making straight cuts, set the blade guard ½ inch above the stock. Now, take a piece of wood and mark a line on it and then try to make a cut as per the marking.You will need to make no adjustments to the workpiece if it is placed correctly with the blade.

If you want to make a fence setting, then you can hold the workpiece and turn off the saw. After that, you can mark the table along the edge of the workpiece using a pencil. Then set the fence to that marking. This way, you can adjust the fence as per your needs.

Using the Band Saw for Making Curves

For making curves, you can use a narrower blade and keep the feed rate gentle and constant. If you stop the process for adjusting, then the cuts won’t be smoother. So, try to cut the workpiece at once.


The above steps can help you use the band saw effectively. Also, make sure that you are taking necessary precautions like safety goggles and gloves while using the machine. For practice purposes, you can use a scrap piece first and then go for the original job.

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