Is it Okay to Use a Hair Straightener Every Day?

The innovations in hair straighteners begin a popular debatable topic among the beauty experts- is it okay to use hair straighteners every day. Many people believe that regular application of heat to hair is the potential reason behind damaged and loss of hair these days despite using a well-known brand straightener. However, many others take a strong side of non-damageable properties of hair straighteners. You, as a typical person, find it challenging to grasp the ideologies of these beauty specialists.

┬áSome women cannot bear the responsibility of handling dull, rough, frizzy, and curly hair. It gets even more embarrassing when your hair looks like a bird’s nest when you let it flow open. Hair straighteners are the most effective and temporary way to manage this kind of hair. We are here to give you a brief idea about the most frequently asked question among Indian youth- can I use a hair straightener every day?

Hair Straightener

Here is a fact check for all the pretty ladies:

Even though you might have the best kind of hair- smooth, rich, long, wavy, thick, and voluminous, you can still experience struggles with daily use of a hair straightener. There is a reason why the word called organic is in trend nowadays! People like to prefer more natural products these days. The straighteners contain iron plates, and the elimination of heat from these plates directly affects the texture of your hair. Even if the topmost brands promise you no hair fall & damage, you will still have either of them in regular use.

If you still want to go for it, ensure opting these habits:

  • Choose a frizz control hair straightening iron rod. It will help you to minimize hair fall to a certain extent.
  • Always makes sure to set the right temperature setting. Not doing so can cause more damage to hair than usual.
  • For women with thick hair, we recommend a normal to high-temperature setting.
  • The primary concern lies in the women with thin hair. Their hair is more prone to breakage induced by trauma, seasonal changes, or temperature setting.
  • Always make sure to set the lowest temperature while ironing hairs with damage, dandruff, or thin hairs.
  • Try to avoid everyday ironing by application of hair straightening serum, sprays, and gels.
  • Nowadays, many brands manufacture different shampoo, conditioner, and spa aiming at the straightening of hair. Give a try to these kinds of products as they can minimize the damage to hair caused by iron straightening.

Here is a piece of advice for women who cannot go a day without iron straightening:

  • You can try chemical hair straightening or smoothening. This will give your hair a sleek straight look, and also minimize the need for using iron-on hair every day. Though, you will need to invest a little more in chemical straightening; but, it will be worth your money.
  • If you do not want to go for chemical methods, try using DIY methods for hair straightening. There are numerous videos available online for natural methods of hair straightening.

That is the end of the discussion of hair straightening. We hope you found it helpful!

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