Professional knives for kitchen need and choosing them

There will be a wide variety of knives that are available to us, and we need to select the right ones that meet our needs. By making the right choice, we use them to improve kitchen efficiency by reducing the damaging of meat, vegetables, and fruits.

Anatomy of Knife

Hard to believe that a knife has anatomy, but it is true. Knives also have them. Let’s get in deep with them so that we can select the best one for our use.

  • Handle: It is the part that we hold for cutting.
  • Butt: It is located at the back of the handle
  • Tang: It is the part of the handle that is made of steel for making the handling much stronger
  • Blade: It has various shape and sizes through which we can determine the purpose of the knife
  • Spine: It is the back end of the blade and is usually the thickest part
  • Point: It is the cutting end and has various ending depending on the use
  • Tip: It is the third part of the blade and includes the point
  • Edge: This is the part that is subject to most damage as they are used for chopping or slicing
  • Heel: It is the strongest part of the blade and opposite to the tip

Selection of knife

Every one of us uses knives for different kinds of work, and upon using them, we get used to them and the skill of using them increases. But before getting used to them, we need to select the type of knives that meet our needs. Many chefs believe that the butcher knife is the best as they increase the efficiency of the work and reduce the damage of the material that we cut. Thus, it saves a lot of money to the user.

Various kinds of a butcher knife

Various types of butcher knives are available for various kinds of work like boning knife, skinning knife, breaking knife, cimeter knife, cleaver, steak knife, and many more. But the question may arise from selecting the right knife for the job. The answer will be straightforward, select the knife that suits your work the most. By choosing the right kind of tool and learning how to handle it carefully, we can master it and make life much easier.

So after reading this article you have an idea about butcher knife and its uses. If you want other nife, you love to check japanese knife.

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