Refrigerator Advantages and Disadvantages

Refrigeration and fridges have seen a lot of change over time and evolved with lifestyle. There are various kinds of refrigerators in stores like multi-door, single door, and a double door. These vary in requirements, designs, health advantages, styles, and so on. Just like any other appliance, refrigerators also come with their pros and cons.

A lot of individuals prefer purchasing a lot of goods using different e-commerce websites. It’s time to save our money and energy by doing online refrigerator shopping by grabbing on good deals. Before this, one needs to know which one to pick up.

Let’s have a look at the advantages as well as disadvantages of different kinds of refrigerators:

Single Door Refrigerators

Single door refrigerators are being sold the most. A majority of us remember these refrigerators from our childhood and likewise know them extremely well.


  • Energy efficient-These refrigerators consume about 30 to 40% less power when compared with double door refrigerators. The technology used for these refrigerators happens to be mainly energy efficient.
  • Small size-These refrigerators can be found in different sizes, ranging from 50 liters to 250 liters. They also happen to be the best purchase whenever it comes to a family of 2 to 4 individuals.
  • Cost effective-As they are compact, they are affordable. One can buy these refrigerators under the 15,000 price
  • Less space occupancy-Single door fridges occupy extremely less space due to their compact size and less capacity, thereby enabling them to fit into any space.


  • Less capacity-Of course offering a small budget will provide you with a limited amount of space to conserve your food items.
  • The everyday requirements of a family having at least 5 members cannot be managed with just a single door refrigerator.
  • The main fridge door should always be opened to gain access to the freezer, which will, in return, reduce the efficiency.
  • Smaller shelves result in food being stuffed in the refrigerator.

Double Door Refrigerators


  • Excellent for huge families-These refrigerators can meet with the requirements of a family having around 5 to 6 individuals.
  • The greater size of shelves-As they are higher in the capacity they provide larger shelf size and thereby increased storage as well.
  • More freezer space-Individual door for freezer offers more space.
  • Open doors individually-It is simpler to operate the different doors assigned for the fridge and freezer separately, thereby opening only the required door.


  • Costly-As these refrigerators are huge in size as well as capacity, they will be costlier when compared with the counterparts of a single door refrigerator.
  • High power consumption-Large size results in a high power consumption device, generally around 20 to 30% more than a single door refrigerator.

Bottom line

Observing the present market, a lot of electronic companies have set up all the gadget models online and offline. The purchase made should be done by keeping the model’s pros and cons to get the maximum benefit out of it. The one best suits your needs and has minimum cons that should fit the bill.

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