Reza Irani-Kermani Co-Founded Black Pearl Capital – Biography Details

Mr. Reza Irani-Kermani co-founded Black Pearl Capital with Abbas Jafarian in Geneva in 2007 as their sole proprietary investment Company. Black Pearl Capital or better known as “BPC”, usually makes investment in the business which is mostly concerned with Green Energy and Real Estate. Bromborough, UK biodiesel plant is one of the prime investments of the company. The biodiesel plant produces biodiesel by processing used cooking oil.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in engineering and commerce from the University of Birmingham, Reza Irani started his career in 1989 at Management Investment and Trade “MIT” Ltd in London and became General Manager by 1991. Management Investment and Trade became one of the major trading firms in the world in Foreign Exchange and Bullion under his guidance.

Reza IraniA big chunk of MIT sold to the Po sang bank. But due to red tapes in China and difference in mentality, Reza Irani realized that Po Sang Bank would not be able to maintain the rapid exponential growth level he wished. Amalgamated Metals Trading Limited, Preussag AG, one of Germany’s largest conglomerates’ London affiliate of Preussag AG approached MIT to create a joint venture which allowed for Po Sang Bank to bow out. This opportunity allowed Amalgamated Metal Trading Limited, to become a partner with MIT. Reza Irani remained in charge of the Bullion operations and Foreign Exchange trading division of Amalgamated Metals Corporation but until 1997, at which point he decided to change career.

Reza Irani ended his association with Amalgamated Metals Corporation and joined the Albert Abela Corporation and Sogeres SA as a board member and Reza Irani was one of the youngest executives ever to achieve such a respectable position. The Abella Corporation was a world-class caterer and had some other ventures including Hotel chain in the Europea, supermarkets chain in the Middle East, Salmon farms in Scotland, Gold mines and life support services. Abella Corporation had more than 40 thousand workers and with 44 offices in different countries around the world. Reza Irani Kermani worked with the Abela Corporation until the death of its founder Mr. Albert Abela.

About Reza Irani Kermani Black Pearl Capital:

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland Black Pearl Capital “BPC” is capital advisory, finance and investment brokerage firm for a select group of institutional and ultra-high net worth private clients around the globe with a focus on several key industry sectors. As of early 2011, they launched the Black Pearl Global Opportunity Fund “BPGOF”, with Asset under Management of USD 100M and Black Pearl Capital Partners (BPCP)” fund with Asset under Management of USD 50M are the two private equity funds raised by BPC.

Except for Geneva, BPC offices are also located in Dubai, Amman and Monaco. BPC is involved in several major private equity transactions throughout Europe, the USA and the Middle East as either investor, valuation advisor or as a source of capital. BPC partners are highly experienced in investing in different types of industry segments and projects. Additionally, at BPC we work in partnership with our clients enabling us to understand their objectives and ultimately evaluate and execute successful transactions.

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