Top 5 Best Blender Brands of 2020

People having a super active lifestyle often lag in paying proper attention to their health. Usually, we think that the meals that please our taste buds are not ideal for health, such as pizza, burger, roasted chicken, candies, and whatnot. It is good to treat your taste buds once in a while. However, smoothies are one such beverage that everyone loves to consume. Children are mostly excited to have smoothies. These are also a great replacement meals. However, do you feel the urge to have them while being outside or a trip?

 If yes, bullet blenders are an excellent product for you. It is everything that you wanted to have! Bullet blenders are portable, lightweight, powerful blenders, time-saving, affordable, and many other things. You already have a lot of reasons to buy a bullet blender. However, the availability of different price ranges and brands might confuse you. Many people end up buying a product which is not made for them. To avoid such blunders in a hurry, we are here with the top 5 bullet blender brands of 2020. To know more about their features; kindly, have a look in the below-mentioned points:


  1. Nutri bullet 600 watts:

If you spend a lot of time thinking about the healthy meal to efficiently maintain the calorie count of your body, bring the Nutri bullet 300 watts to your home. Put on some raw fruits on the container, close the lid, and within 20-60 seconds, you will have a perfectly blended texture of smoothie. These affordable blenders are also easy to maintain. They are dishwasher safe.

  1. Nutri bullet 1200 watts:

If you have a large family who have similar taste ideas, go for this ideal Nutri bullet 1200 watts blender. You can also decide the texture of the end product by determining the speed settings. Four different speed settings are available, including pulse, high, medium, and low. Also, it allows you to make various meals. It is a perfectly versatile and affordable bullet blender available in the market.

  1. Magic bullet blender:

Magic bullet blender is another device from the Nutri bullet which utilizes 250 watts to function efficiently. It can perform various functions like chopping, mixing, grinding, and whipping. These are ideal options for processing eggs. Magic bullet blender is also dishwasher safe and comes with an informative manual.

  1. Oster My blend 250-watt travel blender:

Oster bullet blenders functions as potentially as it looks exteriorly. It can complement the look of your kitchen. It comes with a bottle and a blending device. All you need to do is to pack the ingredients inside the bottle and place it on the blender. Once the delicious smoothie is made, you can carry it to the gym or yoga session.

  1. Baby bullet:

Baby bullet blender is a cute looking blender designed exclusively for your little ones. Parents do not want to put their baby’s health into risk. The best way is to make baby food at home only. It contains one little cup, spatula, tray, and the lid. The materials are fully non-toxic and BPA free to preserve the health of your child.


Blending is a wholesome idea to consume fruits in a time-saving way. The fruit blends are rich in nutritive vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Bring the most amazing deal of bullet blender to your home to experience most of it. Thanks for reading!

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