When Should Babies Start Wearing Shoes and What Type?

Right Time To Buy Shoes for Babies:

Babies start to walk after crossing their one year of age, and you should buy a good pair of shoes until babies are walking confidently outside. You should avoid wearing shoes and tight socks for your babies, as babies have soft bones. Sometimes, babies feel cramped wearing tight shoes or socks, so consider your babies before buying them. Your baby legs can get squashed, and shoes may prevent the little legs from growing properly.

Your babies should learn to walk with their barefoot around your house. To get some balance in walking, your babies should feel and walk on the ground with their barefoot. Don’t make them wear shoes and don’t restrict their learning procedure of walking.

When to buy baby’s first shoes?

So, many people have a common question in their minds when you should buy the first pair of shoes for your babies. The thing is you need to until your baby walks outdoors. In the beginning stages of walking, you should allow your baby to walk barefoot. This will help your baby to get balance and coordination in walking.

Sometimes you get a doubt whether babies walking in barefoot may cause injuries? In such a situation, you can wear their shoes to avoid getting injuries. This is recommended for babies walking outdoors. But allow them to walk barefoot inside your home to learn walking.

What type of shoes is best for babies?

Coming to the best shoe type for your babies, most experts are recommending soft-sole shoes so that you can go with this option. Soft-sole shoes are the best, as your babies feel flexible and comfortable to walk with them. Coming to the style that you want for male and female babies, there are many styles available in the market.

For instance, if you are looking for a shoe style for your male baby, then you can get many options such as boots, walking sneakers, moccasins, etc. Similarly, for baby girls, you will get several styles of shoes such as slip-on shoes, moccasins, booties, sneakers, and sandals with ankle straps.

Another important parameter while buying the shoes for your babies is the size. There are generic shoe sizes for babies which you can refer to get an idea about the right shoe size for your baby. For example, from 6 to 9 months of baby, you can prefer a shoe size of 2.5 to 3.

It is the best method to take your baby to the shoe shop so that you can buy the right pair of shoes for little feet. Check for the qualified children’s shoe fitter to get some help for buying the shoes. A fitter may help you in fitting the right pair of shoes to your baby’s feet. Sometimes, your baby starts to cry and may not accept to wear shoes. In such a condition, don’t try too much to wear shoes. While choosing the shoes, check whether the shoes are made up of breathable material like cotton, canvas, or leather.

After checking the above parameters, you can buy the first pair of shoes for your baby.

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