Which One Is Better – Digital Thermometer or A Mercury Thermometer?

When it comes to thermometers, you can find plenty of types that are used from checking food temperature to human body temperature. It can be used for other purposes also, and the key role is to ensure an accurate temperature.

However, when you are about to select a thermometer, you can find two common options: Mercury thermometer and a digital thermometer. Both are considered as reliable options to get reading. Both are pretty much accurate, but have you ever wondered that which one is better?

Many people have this question, and the answer depends upon several factors. You have to look after the type of thermometer, safety, manufacturer, and a few more aspects to ensure the best one. To put it into perspective, comparing two well-built thermometers can help ensuring their traits.

Digital Thermometer

The answer is, Digital thermometers are highly reliable and better. Wondering why? We are comparing the key traits and pouring more light on a few important reasons to understand why digital thermometers are better.

  • Speedy Results

Digital thermometers work on infrared light and provide you detail about the body temperature of a person. When using a mercury thermometer, you have to wait for almost 60 seconds to let mercury heat and provide a person’s temperature.

But, if you look at the digital thermometer, you have to stop for 2-3 seconds, and you are good-to-go. Results are instant, and you can find a better flow of work. Waiting for one minute and then checking the reading is a very old and less reliable method due to poor speed.

  • Better Accuracy

The time used by infrared light to reach back is calculated to ensure the temperature. It automatically calculates everything and provides instant detail on accuracy. If you are using it for the first time, you might question how it can provide such accurate results?

Well, it uses several calculations and comes up with the results to get you accurate details. When you are using a mercury thermometer and spend less time taking a reading or doesn’t let it heat up properly, the result fluctuates by several degrees.

  • Safety Matters

Putting a mercury thermometer in the mouth or at your armpit seems awkward, and it is unsafe. If many people use the same thermometer, it can easily spread disease or allergies, that’s why mercury thermometers are getting less demand than the old days.

Using a digital thermometer is a lot safer option here because the patient is not getting a thermometer touch at all. Such kind of usage feels convenient and safe. Cleaning a digital thermometer with a sanitizer is easy and takes less time than a mercury thermometer.

The Final Verdict

Going through the three crucial reasons can help you understand why digital thermometers are better. However, mercury thermometer has only one advantage of being cheap and easily available around the globe. It is a fact that safety can’t be compromised with health care products so the adoption of digital thermometer is reliable.

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