Which washing machine is the best front load or top load

Today, a washing machine has become a necessity and it sure helps you to wash your laundry with just a few buttons. Also, they dry your clothes without you putting much effort into it. New features are being added to them to perfect the washing and match the latest fabrics on the clothes. It all started with a simple semi-automatic machine and now technology has improved a lot of features on these machines. The fully automatic washing machine has 2 types of loads that you can do – a top load and front load. In this article, we will distinguish between the two and tell you the best one for you.

When a top loading washing machine is considered, it is way easier to load it with clothes compared to the front load. We do not need to bend for top loading which is especially convenient for older users. Also, in top load, you can add some clothes in mid cycle or in between washing. In front load, this is not possible. In addition to that top load can collect lint and distribute the softener better. So, when convenience is concerned, top load is your best choice.

There are 2 types of top load washing machines. One with agitator and other without. The one with agitator washes clothes faster than the one without agitator and the front load. However, top loading without agitators wash your clothes better than the one with agitator. For quick washing, you may want to consider a top load washing machine.

The front load washing machines clean your clothes better than top load washing machines. They are not tough on your clothes and are gentle with fabric. So, for better cleaning of clothes you might want to select front load washing machines.

Regarding the price, it depends on how far you go on features. Front load is costlier than top load, but with any extra features that you might need, the price aspect may be the same for both front and top loads.

The water usage of the front load is much more efficient than the top load. They use less electricity and water than the top load washing machines. They help the environment in a better way.

The one great advantage of a front load washing machine is that you can easily install a dryer over the machine. That means the machine can be arranged vertically which saves a lot of space in the laundry area. With a top load washing machine, this is not possible.

The spin speed of the front load washing machine is 33% faster than the top load. This makes the clothes dry quickly even before moving to the dryer. However, a lot of noise can be an issue with this.

Compared to the top load washing machines, front load ones are prone to mold and mildew buildup. So they need extra maintenance compared to top load washing machines.

These are the individual features and their comparisons for each type. List out your concerns and required features along with the benefits of each one mentioned in this article to decide on the load type.

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