4 Qualities of a Good Eyelash Extensions Technician

Do you want to undergo lash extensions treatment? If yes, then you have to make sure that the person who is going to work on your Eyelash Extensions has to be fully competent and skilled. Always find lash extensions technician with following qualities –

Sharp Eyesight –

A good technician mush has proper eyesight. The process of applying extensions requires a technician to work under the magnifying glass. That’s why a good technician should have his or her eyesight checked out and should practice on a plastic dummy before applying lash on an actual person.

Steady Hands –

Technicians have to work with sharp objects and glues all the time that’s why they should have steady hands. They should also learn to control their hand movements and use their both hands efficiently.

Experience –

Now, nobody wants uneven eyelash. To get the perfect lash, technician required a good visual ability which only comes with the experience. They must have the ability to judge when one eyelash seems shorter or fuller, then the other.

Well trained –

The technicians must be trained by the professionals to perform such delicate work and should have certifications to prove their training.

Eyelash Extensions Salon

Eyelash Extensions

So, before booking eyelash extensions salon to get your desired lashes, make sure that technicians working in the salon possess all the above mentioned four qualities.